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Portable Raxco PerfectDisk 12.267 Pro 隨身免安裝版

[軟體名稱] PerfectDisk Professional
[版本語言] v12.267 英語版
[官方網頁] www.perfectdisk.com
[下載頁面] morgantseng.blogspot.com
[解壓密碼] 無
[軟體概要] Raxco 出品超強實用的磁碟最佳化軟體

PerfectDisk 12 Professional automates the optimization of PCs to boost user productivity by speeding up application launch times and boot times, and helping prolong system and hard drive life.

Pro Disk Defragmentation
● Faster Performance for PCs and laptops
● Automatic background defrag and optimization
● OptiWrite™ for fragmentation prevention
● S.M.A.R.T. monitoring of physical drives
● Advanced reporting and setting control features
● Designed for today's power user looking for optimum PC performance

Advanced SMARTPlacement- A Smarter Defrag
PerfectDisk 11's patented Advanced SMARTPlacement is an intelligent file placement strategy that organizes files according to usage patterns and eliminates most fragmentation before it happens. It also results in faster defrag passes, quicker server boots, slower refragmentation, reduced resource consumption and improved overall performance.

Flexible Scheduling
PerfectDisk runs when you want it to - daily, weekly or in screen-saver mode.

Full Automatic Background Defrag
Defrag when your system has idle resources and maintain efficiency. Runs when it needs to without continuously using resources.

Selected Files Defrag
In a hurry or have a few heavily fragmented files? Only defrag the files that you select.

Robust Free Space Consolidation
Speed up disk writes and slow refragmentation with PerfectDisk's patented SMARTPlacement optimization strategy and exclusive single-pass free space consolidation that delivers the largest blocks of free space possibleSpace Restoration Technology.

Reclaim Free Space
Find and delete duplicate, obsolete, temporary or junk files. Graphically see where disk space might be wasted.

Easily visualize the contents of a block to quickly identify and eliminate fragmentation.

Full-Scale Central Management
Seamless integration with the PerfectDisk Enterprise Console. Install, deploy, configure, schedul and report on defragmentation across the enterprise.

-Improves user productivity by improving both disk read and write speed
-Maintains faster boot times
-Speeds up application launch times
-Maximizes usable disk space
-Automates disk maintenance
-Prolongs system life

2--此為壓縮封裝製作,解壓後(大小為 48.5 MB)無法再次解壓

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