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Portable Active File Recovery 8.0.1 隨身免安裝版

[軟體名稱] Active@ File Recovery
[版本語言] v8.0.1 英語版
[官方網頁] www.file-recovery.net
[下載頁面] morgantseng.blogspot.com
[解壓密碼] 無
[軟體概要] 超強又實用的磁碟檔案還原工具軟體

Active@ File Recovery is an easy to use, safe, and efficient data recovery tool, even if your system is not bootable

Active@ File Recovery for Windows provides the ability to effectively recover data as a result of having been accidentally deleted, formatted or otherwise lost.

The Enterprise package of Active@ File Recovery also includes a Partition Recovery tool. They can be launched from the bootable CD to work with a crashed or failing computer system.

Active@ File Recovery Enterprise installation package contains a CD/DVD ISO image that you can burn to get a bootable CD or DVD with a lightweight version of Windows 7™ running in RAM (WinPE 3.0). It is the only way to recover your data in the case that your system is not bootable and you cannot attach the damaged Hard Disk Drive to another machine.



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